Oswaldo Chinchilla
RISD 2 College Street #278 Providence RI 02903| 203 887 9485 | Ochinchi@risd.edu –Oswaldo.chinchilla@hotmail.com 

Class of 2021 | Rhode Island School of Design | Providence RI
Double Major: BFA Industrial Design/Ceramics Class of 2021 Currently a Junior 
graduation June 2016 | Amity Regional High School | Woodbridge CT
graduation June 2016 | Aces Educational Center for the Arts | New Haven CT
I was born and raised in Guatemala till I was 14, which gave me appreciation and love for my culture and those of others. During my high school years, I lived in Ct where I learned how to make and worked to develop my work and aesthetic. As a freshman in college I followed a path in industrial Design and later declared a second one in Ceramics. I am currently hoping to broaden my knowledge and experience by applying to internships that will allow me to develop my work. 
Work Experience 
Studio Intern |BDDW|Summer 2019
Wood/Metal shopMonitor|RISDID|2017-now
Monitor and animal Care|RISDNatureLab|2017-Now 
Cultural Programmer | RISD Intercultural Student engagement| 2017-Now 
Tour guide | RISD admissions Office | 2016-Now 
Teacher assistant | MLK Elementary School Providence RI | 2015-2016 
Teacher assistant | Fair Haven Elementary School New haven Ct| 2015-2016 
Artist Assistant | Johanna Bresnick Studio | 2016 
Teacher assistant | Educational Center for the Arts| 2013-2015 
Volunteer | Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History | 2013-2015 
SCASA Super intendents Award 2016 
ISE/Natural Lab Latin American Show 
RISD Bio Design Make Space Build Crew 2018 ​​​​​​​